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AgroGanic is a journey that started in 2022 with the primary mission of helping all those working towards a better planet, giving them a credible platform. The damage caused by the mindless use of synthetic fertilisers and chemical pesticides are long-term and has a detrimental impact on not just us humans, but the whole planet. More so, our incessant consumerism has driven industrialisation to dangerous levels of irresponsibility which has harmed the Planet and it’s ecosystems to an extent that has crossed all thresholds of danger. Such a pace of devastation is just not sustainable anymore!

We were very clear even early on, as a new couple, that someday in the near future we would definitely strive to live a sustainable life as much as possible… and our dream was always to retire to a self-sustaining organic farm.

We “AgroGanic” are Agri-Tech based company. We are known as manufacturers, and distributors of Agro products in Pakistan and to all over the world. As compared to advanced countries, we are focused to amplify our local and standardized manufacturing capabilities to fulfil our local and International needs. Our talented and efficient staff members are the back-bone of AgroGanic. Their utmost and target oriented efforts are the example of inspiration to the success.

For the health of your family

Research shows that when you choose organic, you’re getting more of the good stuff and none of the toxic synthetic chemicals. Studies have demonstrated that organic can have positive impacts on our health, because organic foods may provide:

  • Better nutrition
  • More disease-fighting antioxidants
  • More healthy omega 3 fatty acids
  • No controversial pesticides or fertilizers
  • No antibiotics
  • No synthetic growth hormones

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Mr. Abdus Sami Ahmad


Dr. Ahmad Raza


Mr. Muhammad Hamza

Organic Chemist

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